Hello, friend!

Thanks for taking the time to look at my portfolio. I’d love to work for your company, but frankly, I’m terrible at interviewing. I hate to sell myself. I get embarrassed and awkward. I think I sound fake.

“But Kate”, you might be wondering, “Aren’t you in marketing? If you can’t sell yourself, who will ever trust you to market their product or idea?!”

Touché, amigo.

But listen, I don’t love marketing because it sells things. I love marketing because it combines applied psychology and art. I love marketing because it’s testable and verifiable. I love marketing because it’s more than the sum of its parts. Great marketing is magic. Great marketing is a time machine. Great marketing is calling from….INSIDE THE HOUSE.

I’ve had some profitable ideas in my time and I’m passionate about growth and new challenges, so if you’re looking for a digital marketer who is obsessed with the underlying principles of human behavior, someone who loves deep dives so much she can tell you the geo-political factors that led to the Targaryen Civil War, a marketer who is also a photographer, a solid copywriter and the World’s Okayest Mom….look no further.

Looking forward to meeting you!


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